Lincoln Road Mall Launches 5Tigers Brand

The perfectly pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road Mall is the setting for prime shopping on South Beach. Home to many of the country’s top retailers and restaurants, the open-air promenade attracts thousands of upscale tourists from across the globe who can look forward to the SPRING 2013 launch of 5Tigers Contemporary Sportswear later this season. As construction continues on new flagships for H & M (European fashion juggernaut Hennes & Mauritz) and Forever 21, eco-conscious fashionistas are holding out for their first local taste of the Eastern Philosophy-based brand.

5Tigers is deeply rooted in the tenets of Chinese Philosophy, the traditional notion that Qi manifests itself in the Universe with 5 essential systems: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Every part of the brand is based on Living Life in Balance, in Living in Harmony with Nature. Seasonal clothing launches are developed with key color ways so that each new collection pairs easily with the last. Only Elemental Colors (Yellow, White, Green, Red and Black) are used in the line and only organic cotton and naturally derived dyes are used on the garments.

Lincoln Road Mall hosts many popular fashion brands and attracts countless upscale shoppers who have embraced an eco-friendly lifestyle. The sun, sand and surf of South Beach make for an ideal fit for this contemporary sportswear collection. Bringing the SPRING 2013 line to Miami Beach seems as natural as breathing, as natural as the 5Tigers Brand.