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Cat News 41 Autumn 2004 (pdf)
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“CAT News” is the newsletter of the Cat Specialist Group, a component of the Species Survival Commission of The World Conservation Union (IUCN).
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“The Caspian tiger: a Lesson from History” (posted Sept 2004)   By David Prynn, reprinted with permission from Marwell Zoo News
Prakratic Society receives Ashden Award (June 2004) Goverdhan Rathore and the Prakratik Society have been honored in London with an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy—known as the “Green Oscar”—a project that has been supported by Save The Tiger Fund since 1998.
A Monitoring Program for the Amur Tiger (pdf files) Fifth-year report: 2001–2002 to Save The Tiger Fund: Project 2003-0087-017, Wildlife Conservation Society, Russian NGOs and Reserves, WWF (posted May 2004)
  Captivating Corbett Tiger Reserve, by A.J.T. Johnsingh (opens pdf file)
View the electronic press kit, which contains tiger photos and information about the organizations and status of tigers today   WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 19, 2004) – Save The Tiger Fund (STF) and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) have joined forces to link tiger conservation programs across Asia, a major step in unifying the efforts of many conservation organizations.
Abstracts of two articles in Oryx 38 (2004)   Dramatic decline of wild South China tigers Panthera tigris amoyensis: field survey of priority tiger reserves
Characterizing human-tiger conflict in Sumatra, Indonesia: implications for conservation
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, In press (February 2004)   Abstract: Agroforestry, Elephants, and Tigers: Balancing Conservation Theory and Practice in Human-Dominated Landscapes of Southeast Asia
Multimedia presentations   Audio Slide Show: The Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program

Audio Slide Show: Tigers—A Vanishing Species

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Valley of Death: A Question of Balance, National Geographic Magazine online, April 2004, By Alan Rabinowitz, Photographs by Steve Winter (opens new window) In Myanmar’s isolated Hukawng Valley the tiger was king of the jungle until poachers and gold miners moved in. Now plans are under way to restore its reign with the largest tiger sanctuary in the world.Listen to National Geographic Radio Expeditions:

  • The Biggest Ever Tiger Reserve to be Created
  • Southeast Asia’s Illegal Wildlife Trade
“NPR : Southeast Asia’s Illegal Wildlife Trade” (opens new window)   Despite international and local laws designed to crack down on the trade, live animals and animal parts—often those of endangered or threatened species—are sold in open-air markets throughout Southeast Asia.
Expeditions in Conservation (opens new window)   The Terai Arc of Nepal and India is one of the Save The Tiger Fund’s priority tiger landscapes. This is an example of some of the fine conservation work that is ongoing, with STF’s support, in the Terai Arc.
Tiger and Rhino conservation website   Saving Endangered Species by Promoting Alternative Remedies:http://www.tcmwildlife.org/