Ocean Drive hosts South Beach’s 5Tigers Launch

With beachfront yoga classes at dawn and dusk, scores of athletic travelers passing by on skates and bikes and miles of golden beaches attracting the fittest bodies in the world, Ocean Drive seems a perfectly natural location for the South Beach launch of 5Tigers Branded Sportswear in SPRING 2013. Surrounded by the pale pastel colors of the Art Deco District and the preferred destination for millions of eager travelers, Miami Beach happily welcomes the eco-friendly sportswear collection to it’s shores.

5Tigers has gained worldwide notoriety as the preferred brand of earth-friendly sportswear worn by celebrities and star athletes. Crafted in pure organic cotton and colored by naturally derived dyes, the easy fit and color coordinated seasonal collections are grounded in the timeless traditions of Eastern Philosophy. The spiritual notion that Qi manifests itself in the Universe with 5 essential systems – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – informs every element of the 5Tigers collection.

Every garment in each season’s product line follows the core colorways (Yellow, White, Green, Red and Black) so that any item purchased last year will blend seamlessly to the next. Embracing the brand’s mission statement that Life should be Lived in Balance with Nature, 5Tigers promotes health, fitness, spirituality and fairness. This belief system informs the manufacturing, production, promotion and distribution of every part of the brand and factories are closely monitored to be certain that workers are treated fairly, paid generously and enjoy the right to earn an income in a humane and safe environment.

Ideally suited to the South Beach lifestyle, Ocean Drive is the perfect destination for the Florida launch of this eco-friendly brand. Walk, run, bike or blade to the heart of this exciting oceanfront strip to experience the first wave of the 5Tigers SPRING 2013 launch!